Electrical waste collection campaigns in Suceava and Botoșani counties

de | July. 17, 2023 | News

In period 17 July - 18 August, the inhabitants of 16 cities and municipalities from the counties Suceava and Botoșani will have at their disposal the solution to hand over electrical waste to dedicated collection points or to benefit from home collection of bulky electrical waste. After collection, electrical waste will end up in the recycling process.

The organizers of the campaigns in Botoșani county are ECOTIC Together with Fritehnic, APM Botoșani, ADI Ecoprocess Botoșani and the town halls of the cities and communes in the county, and the campaigns in Suceava county are organized by ECOTIC and Fritehnic in partnership with local authorities.


According to the study ECOTIC from 2022 "The habits of the Romanian population regarding small electrical equipment" only a third of the Romanian population knows of an electrical waste collection point in the vicinity of their residence. To the question addressed to the population regarding the disposal of electrical waste, over 60% of the population said that they intend to hand over for reuse or to a specialized collection point.

In order to meet the population's need for access to solutions for disposing of these types of waste, ECOTIC, together with local partners, is developing a series of collection campaigns.

In this regard, FRITEHNIC and ECOTIC will develop campaigns with the component of handing over at the collection point, as well as with FREE pick-up from home of bulky electrical waste, as follows:

  • July 17 – August 18 in the towns of Campulung Moldovenesc, Dolhasca, Milișuți (Suceava county),  dorohoi and Darabani (Botoșani county).
  • July 17 – 31 in the communes of Baia and Vama (Suceava county), Lozna, Cândêști, Dersca (Botoșani county).
  • August 1 – 18 Rădășeni, Pătrăuți, Dărmănești (Suceava county), Havârna, Hudești, Vârfu Câmpului (Botoșani county).

 To encourage responsible behavior the organizers offer an instant prize: those who hand in more than 15 kg of electrical waste handed in will receive 2 LED bulbs.

"The partnership with ECOTIC helps us to make the service of separate collection of electrical waste from the population more and more visible. Such campaigns are an opportune opportunity for residents to get rid of broken household electronics. We encourage the public to hand over these types of waste only to authorized collectors. Informal collectors do not ensure proper treatment and thus both the environment and human health suffer. ” declares Andrei Drisco, Frying Director