Timisoara, leading the correct collection of electrical waste. 100 tons delivered to RETIM centers in 2021

de | mart. 1, 2022 | News


ECOTIC has a series of collaborations with local public authorities, as well as with sanitation companies that provide the service of taking over electrical waste from the population. One of the most pressing issues at the national level when it comes to waste management is lack of infrastructure to make it available to citizens recyclable waste disposal solutions, including electrical and battery waste.





A positive and noteworthy example in this context is the Timișoara City Hall, which together with Retim Ecologic Service Timișoara SA makes available to citizens, four collection points where, in addition to other categories of waste, waste electrical, electronic and household appliances can be delivered FREE of charge. Having the possibility to hand over electrical waste at almost any time, the people of Timisoara brought to these centers 100 tons in 2021. This is the largest amount of waste electrical, electronic and household equipment collected annually from a local public authority in the ECOTIC system.


At the fixed collection points, the citizens of Timișoara can bring damaged or worn equipment from the following categories:

- large household appliances

- small household appliances

- computer and telecommunications equipment

- consumer equipment

- lighting equipment

- electrical and electronic tools (except large industrial fixed tools)

- toys, sports and leisure equipment

- medical devices (except for all implanted and infected products)

- surveillance and control tools

- vending machines.


We remind you which are the addresses in Timișoara and the opening hours of the RETIM collection points:
1)Mile Cărpenișan Street no. 3 (former Calea Șagului no. 147G) Schedule: LV: 09: 00-17: 00, S: 08: 00-16: 00;
2) Calea Moşniţei no. 2 - 4; Schedule: LV: 09: 00-19: 00, S: 08: 00-16: 00;
3) Aleea Avram Imbroane no. 70 Schedule: LV: 09: 00-19: 00, S: 08: 00-16: 00;
4) Calea Torontalului no.94 Schedule: LV: 09: 00-19: 00, S: 08: 00-16: 00.


Information about this service, including home collection, can be obtained by calling the phone number at Call Center 0374 885692 or by accessing the RETIM website - https://retim.ro/service/colectare-deee/

The mayor of Timisoara, Mr. Dominic Fritz, recently announced that the local administration wants to expand these collection centers to be as accessible as possible to the people of Timisoara and the first steps will be taken this year.