A new ECOTIC seminar in the ECO spring calendar

de | April. 1, 2016 | News

Access to information, dialogue and the power of example are extremely important for environmental activism. These are the premises from which ECOTIC started in organizing the second seminar dedicated to the NGO environment in Romania, on 30.03.2016, on a topic of great interest: how do we develop projects for accessing European funds?

The LIFE funding program of the European Union - which has supported so far 67 projects in our country, of which 42 for nature conservation, 22 for environmental protection and 3 for information and communication, is the program that supports the largest and most ECOTIC awareness project impact: ECOTIC Caravan (LIFE13INF / RO / 000090 ECOTIC LIFE + Caravan).

The discussion continued with the presentation of the Polizu Sustainable Development Center, also the host of the seminar (Auto Eco Innovation project - innovative recovery of car and related waste, ECOTECA), followed by presentations of NGOs participating in the seminar: Workshops Without Borders, Ecological Association Green Tourism, Greenitiative Association, Inotech Association, Creonetics, Foundation for the Promotion of Community Sanctions, Romania in Transition - Transition Towns Network - and Oily.

One of the objectives of the seminar was to create an opportunity for Romanian NGOs to exchange information and identify areas of common interest and action. In this way, they can develop ever larger, stronger and more impactful projects.