Hand over electrical waste for recycling and contribute to the circular economy

de | June. 4, 2024 | Home, News

ECOTIC launches, on the occasion of Environment Day (June 5), a new collection campaign dedicated to companies, institutions, NGOs or any legal entity who needs a solution FREE, handy, drop-in for e-waste recycling.

By participating in the campaign, organizations contribute to the transition to a circular economy. All equipment handed in will go through the recycling process.

ECOTIC has contributed, since its beginnings, to the transition to the circular economy, by recycling electrical and electronic waste, including light bulbs and neon lights, and re-introducing into the economic circuit over 250.000 tons of recyclable materials. At the same time, by ensuring recycling to the highest European standards, approx 2000 tons of hazardous substances contained in electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) were disposed of in maximum safety thus preventing pollution.

How can you contribute?

Step 1

Identify electrical waste from headquarters, centralize them and remove them from internal management. The minimum quantity for each order is approximately 150 kg. Everything that runs on electricity or batteries falls into this category. Here is a list of example equipment.

Step 2

Complete the available form here, send an email to logistica@ecotic.ro or call at 021 9641 to place an order to collect WEEE from the premises.

Step 3

The ECOTIC team will contact you to confirm the receipt of the order and assign it to a collection operator. The waste will be picked up within a maximum of 5 working days from placing the order. ECOTIC will also provide you with a contact person to send you the traceability and scrapping documents required by law.

Step 4


You get directly involved in concrete actions to protect the environment and efficient use of resources in Romania. In this sense, ECOTIC will send you a diploma confirming your contribution to sustainable development.

Come with us to ensure a sustainable future!