BAT tracks previous versions of glo - rewards are offered!

de | January. 26, 2021 | News

British American Tobacco, the leader of the nicotine products market in Romania, continues the "CHOOSE A CLEAN CITY" campaign with a recycling program for previous versions of glo, the company's most innovative heating device that does not burn tobacco. BAT calls on adult glo users to help protect the environment by returning old glo devices and, to facilitate collection efforts, has partnered with InMedio and Xpress store chains, which will provide about 350 separate collection points throughout the world. the country. For each device returned at these points, users will be rewarded with a voucher worth 50 lei that can be used on the spot in the store, for products from the Hyper and Neo glo range.

British American Tobacco (BAT) launched in the spring of 2020 on the Romanian market glo Hyper, the company's most powerful tobacco heating product to date. With a new look and features that make it easy to use, glo Hyper combines BAT's latest tobacco heating technology, induction heating, with a new format of consumables - Neo, which contain 30% more tobacco than consumables previous Neostik, providing an improved user experience.

As the previous versions of the glo device, as well as the consumables dedicated to them will soon disappear from the market, BAT Romania launches a separate collection and recycling program, carried out with the support of ECOTIC and the InMedio and Xpress store networks. The 350 collection points will be available nationwide, and adult consumers who return the previous versions of glo will be rewarded with a voucher of 50 lei, available for use in the store for products from the glo Hyper range and Neo consumables.

"The company's efforts are focused on researching and developing innovative products such as glo Hyper, which offer adult consumers the opportunity for satisfactory and low-risk choices. But an equally important choice is to protect the environment, through sustainable measures for the responsible disposal of products that we no longer use. Therefore, through the program of separate collection and recycling of previous versions of glo, we want to contribute to the circular economy and, at the same time, to facilitate the decision of our users to protect the environment and the community in which they live ", said Ileana Dumitru, Director of Legal and Public Relations, Central and Southern Europe Area within British American Tobacco.

The development of the collection and recycling program of previous versions of the glo device, in partnership with ECOTIC, is the sustainable solution for these devices to be selectively collected and recycled, thus protecting the environment and the sustainable development of communities.

„ECOTIC joins this project developed by BAT by collecting electrical devices handed over for recycling in the 350 locations. This type of device, once obsolete, is part of the category of small electrical waste which, unfortunately, often ends up in the landfill. Through this project we want to remind the general public of the attention they must pay, including small equipment that must reach the recycling stream. ", said Valentin Negoiță, President of ECOTIC.

The campaign "CHOOSE A CLEAN CITY" carried out by BAT emphasizes both the importance of informed and assumed choices, as well as the impact they have on the environment and the community. Along with the collection and recycling program of previous versions of the glo device, the campaign also includes the component of separate collection of trash, through special street ashtrays available in sector 3 of Bucharest, in Iași and in Constanța. BAT's concern in this field reflects the objective assumed by the company to reduce the impact on the environment and contribute to a sustainable development of communities.