ECOTIC gives new life to IT equipment

de | June. 5, 2018 | News

ECOTIC, in partnership with APDETIC, InfoCons and Rotary Club Bucharest Continental give new life to IT equipment through the donation campaign "Together, IT CAN".

The campaign, launched on World Environment Day, will take place between June 5 and October 26, 2018 and is addressed to all entities wishing to hand over IT equipment for reuse, as an important act of social responsibility.

Reuse, one of the basic principles of the circular economy and, implicitly, of a sustainable society, has great potential, especially for the IT sector. By simply donating equipment for reuse, they reach the beneficiaries in search of digitization solutions to facilitate access to education. Donating IT equipment, especially for companies that regularly renew their facilities, is a small effort, but with a significant impact for disadvantaged communities.

As Mia Scarlat, Co-founder and President of Mia's Children's Association, stated at the time of receiving the donation: “The beneficial effects are obvious, because children have access to advanced technology, to vital information in doing homework. The laptops offered to Mia's Children's Association are used by children in order to improve their school activity. "

Given the results of the first campaign, ECOTIC decided to launch the second edition, encouraging companies across the country to donate IT equipment, which, following their preparation for reuse, will be donated to schools, placement centers, NGOs or social centers that are in great need of technology.

All laptops, units and monitors collected in the campaign will go on the reconditioning flow of ECOTIC partners and will later be donated to organizations that do not have such equipment.
In order to donate equipment, it is necessary to fill in the available form online here.

The campaign will run in three steps:
• Step one: the companies that will register in the campaign will receive the necessary documents to remove from management the equipment they will donate.
• Step two: the donated equipment will be reconditioned in correct conditions by the ECOTIC partners.
• Step three: the equipment ready for reuse will be donated to the beneficiary organizations

"Our initiative has a dual purpose: to facilitate access to IT technology for disadvantaged groups, in order to develop the digital skills needed in their careers, and also to contribute to more efficient use of resources, in line with the principles of the circular economy," he said. Valentin Negoiță, President of ECOTIC.

Campaign rules can be viewed here