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de | nov. 1, 2016 | News

Between October 20 and 22, 2016, the Iasi Children's Palace organized_dsc9948t the XNUMXth edition of the International Ecological Education Contest "IA AND green bag, create and take responsibility for the eco of nature!".

Anchored in the global issue discussed at the Paris Environment Conference in December 2015, the theme of this edition was: “Seven billion dreams, one planet: consuming circulars - for climate change well below 2º C!”

The contest took place in five sections addressed to students and a symposium attended by teachers, directly, indirectly and online.

  • Exhibition-competition: IA AND green bag for the ECOoo of nature! ”On two subsections, the manufacture of recyclable materials of: Bags, badges with eco message and decorations; Posters, posters, photos, drawings, with messages about how to protect the environment,
  • Environmental project competition "The art of energy - Live green and use yellow!"
  • Parade of costumes made of recyclable materials: "Eco-design" for students
  • Exhibition with clothes for puppies or other pets:
  • "Eco fashion animals - The most elegant friend"

Participants in all 5 sections were from 7 countries: Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania, Macedonia and the Republic of Moldova. Over 330 teachers (125 from high school) coordinated the students' work or participated with essays. 950 works were displayed in the exhibition exhibitions.

ECOTIC offered an award in the category of parade of costumes made of recyclable materials: "Eco-design" for students - gymnasium.

November 1, 2016