ECOTIC and DN1 Value Center - Together for a clean environment

de | mart. 22, 2022 | News

The importance of recycling and respect for the environment must be learned as early as possible. Thus, ECOTIC together with DN1 Value Center organized a series of activities designed to educate children in the right direction regarding the recycling of electrical waste and to support citizens to properly hand over this waste for recycling.


We learn to recycle and collect correctly

ECOTIC and DN1 Value Center organized an educational workshop on February 20 where they learned through creative methods how to recognize the types of materials and how to recycle correctly.

The activity had 3 workshops, and the children went through each one:

  • EcoCreative workshop with recycled materials
  • Practical separate waste collection workshop
  • Workshop on coloring and cutting out characters from the world of recycling



We recycle joy in the form of toys

A good education for the environment starts with the little ones.

Thus, on the occasion of the International Battery Day on February 18, ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT in partnership with DN1 Value Center, organized between February 15 and 28 a campaign to collect used electric toys, these being the objects that generate the most used batteries.

The children were able to bring to the collection bin toys in good condition that could be donated to other children or non-functional electric toys (based on batteries), which went to recycling.