ECOTIC caravan at Militari Shopping

de | aug. 31, 2022 | ECOTIC Caravan, News

Come and visit the ECOTIC Caravan between September 2-4 in the Militari Shopping parking lot


ECOTIC together with Military Shopping organize, during the period September 2-4, 2022, an action to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the area on the subject separate collection of electrical waste for recycling.

ECOTIC Caravan, the mobile museum of electrical waste, will be parked in the on-site parking lot during the campaign Military Shopping (Bd. Iuliu Maniu, No. 546-560 Sector 6, Bucharest 061129 Bucharest) and will be open for visits. The foray into the world of electrical waste recycling through this interactive tool makes those who visit it understand the importance of separate collection through the lens of recyclable but also dangerous materials that can be recovered from equipment. A virtual tour of the ECOTIC Caravan is available here.

During the campaign, the citizens can bring electrical waste to the caravan and will receive a instant prize. The caravan will be open between 12:00 and 19:30. And on Friday and Saturday from 17:00 there will be eco education workshops dedicated to the little ones.


Military Shopping permanently offers the possibility of disposing of small electrical waste, light bulbs/neons and batteries at the dedicated container located on the galleries of the shopping center.


"This year, the beginning of the school year will be marked at Militari Shopping by a series of events with an educational theme. The start of these "Smart Weekends", as we called them, will be given by the presence of the ECOTIC Caravan in the parking lot of the shopping center. The surrounding communities will be able to discover the world of e-waste recycling in a new interactive way, thus realizing the role of each of us in maintaining a clean environment. Also, through the eco-education workshops, the little ones will also learn to collect waste separately for a sustainable future." Cristina Melter – Marketing Manager Militari Shopping

Campaign regulations here.