ECOTIC Caravan in Cluj-Napoca for the International Day of Electrical Waste Recycling

de | October. 10, 2022 | ECOTIC Caravan, Recycling Station, News

Bucharest, October 10, 2022    

With the occasion of International Day of Recycling of Electrical Waste (October 14),  ECOTIC together with Babeș University – Bolyai, Cluj – Napoca City Hall and GreenWEEE  will organize a collection and awareness campaign in between October 10 and 15. She will be present at this campaign ECOTIC Caravan, the mobile museum of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The foray into the world of electrical waste recycling through this interactive tool makes those who visit it understand the importance of separate collection, through the lens of recyclable but also dangerous materials that can be recovered from equipment. A virtual tour of the ECOTIC Caravan is available here.

"ECOTIC is and has been over time a strategic partner of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering at Babeș-Bolyai University. We carried out many actions together in the field of selective collection of WEEE and a large part of their success was due to the professionalism and involvement of ECOTIC in transmitting the message of these campaigns to society. This topic is of utmost importance to UBB, contributing to the UBB Goes Green strategy ( and to the directions of education, research, and the relationship with the socio-economic environment of UBB in the sphere of the circular economy." Dr. Nicolae Ajtai, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, UBB Cluj-Napoca

Where can you see the ECOTIC Caravan?

We welcome you to visit and bring e-waste to ECOTIC Caravan which will be located in Mihai Viteazu Square, monday to friday in the time frame 12:00 - 18:00and Saturday, On October 15, the caravan will be open between 10:00 and 16:00.

Pick up from home

For FREE collection of bulky electrical waste (over 50 kg) from home, Cluj-Napoca residents can place an order to ECOTIC Transylvania – 0747.326.842. The home pick-up service is permanently available in Cluj-Napoca.

For each handover of electrical waste, citizens will receive an instant prize.

Eco education workshops

To mark the International E-Waste Recycling Day (October 14), ECOTIC organizes eco education workshops at the ECOTIC Caravan. We are waiting for the little ones to discover in an interactive way useful information about the separate collection of recyclable waste: Friday 14 October between 12:00 and 18:00 and Saturday 15 October between 10:00 and 13:00.