ECOTIC: short retrospective of 2013

de | January. 28, 2014 | News

The year 2013 marked a quantitative and qualitative increase of the entire activity of the ECOTIC organization. This evolution is the result of the scale of communication and awareness projects and collection activities that have resulted in a WEEE collection rate of 36%, the highest in Romania.
As a corollary of these basic activities of the organization, it is worth mentioning the permanent consultancy granted to the associated producers, as well as the transposition of the European quality standards in the collection and recycling flow of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Romania.
2013 was also the first year in which ECOTIC started projects co-financed by European programs, thus taking advantage of new opportunities in transmitting warning signals on the dangers that waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries and accumulators have on human health and environment and in modeling an environmentally friendly behavior and resources. ECOTIC initiated and carried out 26 campaigns at national and local level.
ECOTIC has developed a network of over 500 WEEE collection points in partnership with electronics stores, municipalities and authorized collectors, managing to collect last year over 9.000 tons of WEEE, quantities that were transferred to treatment and recovery operators.
The results of ECOTIC BAT regarding the waste management activity of portable batteries and accumulators are also remarkable: over 1.400 collection points set up in the country, a volume of 59 tons of DBA collected (collection rate of 25%).
The year 2013 brought in the European landscape the WEEELABEX Organization, which aims to raise the quality of WEEE processing operations and the traceability of the processes of treatment, recycling, recovery and non-polluting disposal of this waste. ECOTIC is a founding member of this organization, being active in the development and implementation of WEEELABEX standards, including the presence of a specialist in the group of experts of this organization.
In order to have a detailed image on the ECOTIC activity, including on the projects developed by the organization, we invite you to access, Facebook page and LinkedIn of ECOTIC.