Electrical waste collection campaign in Resita

de | October. 5, 2022 | News

Bucharest, October 5, 2022  

With the occasion of International Day of Recycling of Electrical Waste (October 14), National Collection System SLC Timiș,  together with ECOTIC and Resita City Hall, will organize an electrical waste collection campaign dedicated to the citizens of Resita. The campaign will run during October 3 – November 25, 2022.

Residents of Resita Municipality are invited to contribute to the protection of the environment by handing over broken or used electronics to the correct stream. Once delivered to the authorized collector, SLC Timiș, the electrical waste ends up being recycled, thus, the resulting materials being used in the manufacture of new objects.

What teaching options are available to citizens?

  • Handing over la The collection center in Caminelor FN str

The center is open from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 15:00

  • Home collection of bulky equipment

Home pick-up orders can be made by:

  • call la * 7711 - free callable number from any landline or mobile telephone network;
  • call la 0751 302 119;
  • online form filling available e-deseu.ro

"We are happy to join the collection and awareness actions carried out by SLC Timiș. One of ECOTIC's directions is to support citizens with local electrical waste collection solutions, and the solutions offered by SLC Timiș in partnership with local public authorities help us develop this aspect. And on the occasion of the International Day of Electrical Waste Recycling on October 14, we encourage the residents of Reșita to turn to the correct option for handing in electrical waste." Sabina Pîrvulescu, ECOTIC Operational Director.

Depending on the electrical waste delivered, the citizens will be rewarded by the representatives of SLC Timiș. Details on www.e-deseu.ro