Enrollment begins in the second year at the School of Ecoterrians

de | septum. 11, 2017 | News

From September 11, 2017, ECOTIC invites schools in a new national path of awareness and collection of used electricity and batteries

On September 11, 2017, the Organization ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT with the support of the Ministry of Environment start the registrations in the second edition of the awareness and collection campaign of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries and accumulators ( DBA), dedicated to schools in Romania. The "School of Ecoterrians" aims to convey in schools the message of the need to protect the environment, by actively participating in waste collection.

The "School of Ecoterrians" campaign has several stages and two types of activities involved. Between September 11 and October 13, 2017, schools in Romania are invited to register for the campaign, and will receive a set of eco-information and education materials. Schools will be able to carry out WEEE and DBA collection activities, and children will be encouraged to enter a contest of original videos, made by themselves, individually or as a team, to demonstrate environmentally responsible behavior.

Both types of activities will be monitored and awarded, depending on either the amount of waste collected or the score obtained after judging the videos entered in the competition.

The activities will take place from the moment of receiving the sets of materials, until May 15, 2017. The collection of the resulting waste (WEEE and DBA) will be done between May 15-30, 2017, and the judging and awarding will be done until the end of the school year. June 2018.

"Last year, 200 schools signed up for our campaign. We looked at the types of activities performed and realized that it is important to offer students activities that are attractive to them. We want to put students to work in an exciting way, so this year, we offer the little ones an eco video-blogging contest, to show us how they can be Ecoterrians for a day. As a result, children will videotape how they feel it is necessary to protect the environment. ” Valentin Negoiță, President of ECOTIC.

More details about the campaign as well as how to register are available here.