Awards Gala for a Clean Environment - 2016: Interview with Nucet School from Dambovita

de | February. 27, 2017 | News

The last interview in the series of the Gala Awards for a Clean Environment, 2016 is the one with Mrs. Professor Andrei Adela, the coordinating professor of the winning project "Biodiversity means life".

You are the winners of the Grand Prize for Institutions category Education during the Awards Gala for a Clean Environment, 2016 edition. What does this award mean to you?

AA: It's one of the happiest moments I've ever had. Initially I was surprised that I won the award, later I realized its size, its importance in recognition of some performances and especially the prestige it brings. I feel excited, but proud that I am among these valuable young Romanians, and the fact that Ecotic brings them to the forefront is extraordinary. I see this award as a recognition of the efforts of students and teachers of Nucet High School.

Where does the passion for the environment come from? How did you come to develop projects dedicated to the environment?

AA: Out of love for nature. The state of the environment depends on each of us, directly affecting our lives and health. The responsibility for protecting the environment lies with each of us. The responsibility that students have towards the environment, their education and active involvement, the formation of an attitude of respect for the environment, the stimulation of the interest towards maintaining a balanced environment are the objectives that we have proposed in this project. Ecological education, started at an early age, has the meaning of learning a certain way of understanding the relationship between man and the living environment, so that children must be aware, act and express respect for the natural environment that we all benefit from and that we enjoy. they will inherit future generations.

What is the attitude of the little ones towards the environment, from your experience? Are they receptive to such messages?

AA: In primary and secondary school, students are very receptive to what is shown to them and told about the environment and are willing to be part of the category of nature protectors. Children have understood that if we want a clean, unpolluted environment, we must keep clean and actively involved in waste recycling, tree planting, etc. All students of Nucet Secondary School were involved in ecological extracurricular activities.

What would be the message you would pass on to the new generation regarding the attitude towards the environment?

AA: The message I send to the new generation is: "Protecting nature, we protect ourselves! It is our duty to teach children" WHY? "And especially" HOW? ”Nature must be protected…, and when the child begins to open to nature the eyes of the mind, of the soul, when through the gestures he makes towards the environment he proves to us that he has come not only to like what he sees around him - plants, animals, birds - but also to direct his efforts to protect all this, or even more, to correct the mistakes made by past generations, we can say that our work has not been in vain!