Seminar "GREEN POLICIES IN COMPANIES - Green jobs, Green companies"

de | nov. 6, 2014 | News

On November 04, 2014, ECOTIC in partnership with ECOTIC BAT and APDETIC organized the seminar "GREEN POLICIES IN COMPANIES - Green jobs, Green companies". This seminar was dedicated to manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries and accumulators. Over 50 representatives of the profile companies took part in this event.

The guests who gave presentations were Magor Csibi - General Manager WWF Danube Carpathian Program, Romania, Roxana Naftanaila - Product Manager Samsung Electronics Romania and Sabina Stirb - Public Affairs & Corporate Citizenship Manager Samsung Electronics Romania, Valeria Cinjau - Qualitative Researcher Millward Brown, Cristina Costachescu - ALTEX Marketing Director. The hosts of the seminar from ECOTIC, ECOTIC BAT and APDETIC were Valentin Negoita - President of APDETIC and ECOTIC, Dragos Calugaru - General Manager of ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT and Constanta Cerbu - Development Manager of ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT.

The purpose of this seminar was to highlight the need to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment, as well as the tendencies of companies that implement such green policies. 

The presentations included:

  • Studies on pollution and destruction of the environment;
  • Concrete examples of companies that have implemented "green policies" and become responsible for the environment;
  • The tendency to change the structure of the labor market, that of creating eco-friendly jobs (GREEN JOBS).

Market research firm Millward Brown presented a study on consumer behavior towards sustainability and green companies.

The following topics were also discussed:

  • Solutions to improve the vision on the company's sustainability;
  • Measures and strategies to become a green company;
  • Internal promotion and towards partners of the company's orientation towards a responsible behavior towards the environment.

This seminar is part of the directions taken by the organizers towards EEE and BA producers, namely increasing and maintaining the satisfaction of producers by providing services at the level of expectations, providing information on "eco" trends adopted by companies, and the desire to create a community that is aware of the issue of collection and recycling of electrical and electronic waste, but also of waste portable batteries and accumulators.


APDETIC is a professional, independent non-profit organization that brings together the most important companies producing and distributing information and communication technology equipment in Romania. APDETIC is a member of DIGITALEUROPE, an organization that brings together over 100 companies and professional associations in the ITC sector. As in 2010 and 2012, APDETIC coordinates in Romania the European Awareness Campaign eSkills for jobs 2014 and Watify Stimulating Digital Entrepreneurship.