GreenTech Film Festival 4: access to exclusively online film events and screenings for seven days

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Bucharest, November 10, 2020

GreenTech Film Festival, an event dedicated to education and the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle, care for the environment and green technologies, is moving this year to the online environment. The events and film screenings that until now were organized in the presence of the public, are now becoming accessible to all those interested in this subject. The fourth edition takes place exclusively online between 16 and 22 November 2020 on the channels associated with the platform (website and social media) and on

  • Special edition. Carried out with the message # gtff4you, GreenTech Film Festival offers this year a special edition for you, the one behind the screen, and brings to your attention events which addresses issues such as: biodiversity in Romania, renewable energy, technology and innovation to combat climate change, and film screenings appreciated in previous editions or seen for the first time this year.
  • Premiere. In the opening of the series of events and screenings, the organizers offer free access to the premiere of the documentary To Teach a Bird to Fly, presented with the support of the Finnish Embassy in Bucharest, a film that explores the disappearance of birds and climate change through a fictional story from the future. The documentary will be available on November 16, on the website, and on November 17 it will be available on The program of online screenings also includes two documentaries presented for the first time at the 2019 edition - Blue heart and Artificially made by Patagonia.

The theme of nature and biodiversity, this time from Romania, will be reflected in the online event entitled "Wild Romania - the importance of knowing the biodiversity of our country", broadcast LIVE on Tuesday, November 17, at 13.00, on the GreenTechFilmFestival Facebook page. Special guests: Dan Dinu, photographer and initiator of Wild Romania, Cosmin Dumitrache - videographer of Wild Romania, Tiberiu Chiricheș - Executive Director, ProPark Foundation (the main training provider for protected areas and conservation in Romania) and Adrian Hăgătiș - Specialist in reforestation projects, SRS - Romanian Wildlife Society. At the same time, the program of this online edition also includes the documentary American parks, a journey made by Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache through some of the most famous American national parks and small but interesting reservations, in order to show how nature is protected here and what we have to learn from those who invented this concept.

On November 18, at 13.00 p.m., # gtff4you broadcast the event LIVE "Democratization of the energy market in Romania. Business models in the renewable energy sector ", a discussion organized with the representatives of the start-up Cooperativa de Energie, during which the public has the opportunity to learn more about how the Romanian energy market works, what is an energy cooperative, what does the Energy Cooperative propose and how we can involve each of us in the project. The guests of the event are Victor Iancu - President of the Energy Cooperative, Dinu Drog and Adrian Munteanu - founding members.

Which is "The role of technology and innovation in combating climate change" will explain experts in this field, in an online event organized together with the Science & Technology Magazine, moderated by Professor Alexadru Mironov, on November 19, at 13.00, LIVE on Facebook / GreenTechFilmFestival.

The program of this edition includes screenings of short films illustrating the Danish model for combating climate change, presented with the support of the Danish Embassy in Romania, as well as the animation In The Forest of Huckybucky, presented with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest. With the support of the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest, short films related to sustainability and innovation that are part of the project will also be included in the program. Stories from Sweden, Swedish Institute. The full program of events and screenings is available on the website  

GreenTech Film Festival is a concept launched by Media Image Factory, an agency specialized in developing projects and initiatives with social impact, and this special edition is supported by: Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest, Embassy of Novegia in Bucharest, Embassy of Finland in Bucharest, Embassy of Denmark in Bucharest, Institute of Norwegian Film, Alucro Association, Every Can Counts Romania, ECOTIC Organization.

partners: Energy Cooperative, Wild Romania, Science & Technology, Seneca Anticafe, Ashoka Romania, Seneca Ecologos, Seneca Publishing House, Greenitiative Association, Green Mogo, EcoProvocation, Recycling Map, Recycling, Kolektiv, Undesigned

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