Invitation to dialogue for a better world through Sustainable Living Podcast - Launch of the first season

de | April. 5, 2021 | News

Press release, Bucharest, April 5, 2021

Podcasting Sustainable Living podcast proposes a dialogue about adopting a lifestyle through which we can reduce our personal or societal ecological footprint. International experts, scientists, journalists, representatives of academia, but also people from various fields who have adopted a sustainable lifestyle come to inspire the audience.

The guests who will give voice to the discussions on sustainability in a first season Sustainable Living Podcast launched today are: Therese Hyden, Swedish Ambassador to Bucharest; László Borbély, Coordinator of the Department for Sustainable Development; Mona Nicolici, Radio Journalist Europa FM and Sustainability & CSR Consultant; Valentin Negoiță, President of ECOTIC, Marius Costache, General Manager Green WEEE; Anastasia Staicu, President of the SNK Association;  Dr. Sorin Cebotari, Project Manager of

Sweden occupies a leading position in the ranking of sustainability, and this country's motto for meeting the goals of sustainable development can be summed up as “The biggest challenge in the world is the biggest opportunity ", as he says Therese Hydén, Swedish Ambassador to Bucharest, guest on the first episode of Sustainable Living Podcast:

"In fact, awareness of sustainability issues must be discussed in all countries, both in Romania and Sweden, and globally. I would say that public awareness is important for many reasons, and I'll give you two of them as an example. The first is that the public constitutes the society, which is in transition, and because of this, we, the public, the society, must understand "Why?", "What?", "How?". Why is the transition needed? What does the transition entail? And how could we all ensure that the transition is fully realized. For the transition to be successful, we all need to change our behavior and attitudes. Awareness determines attitude, and attitude determines our behavior. The awareness from this podcast will help us do our part as members of the transitioning society and also help us check if what the authorities or the private environment are doing are good things, to be a sustainable development and a transition towards a more sustainable society."

This first episode is available on the site and podcast channels (Spotify, Google Podcasts), and can be watched in video format on the YouTube channel of the project:

Gazda Sustainable Living Podcast this Nicoleta Talpes, entrepreneur and expert in strategic communication for projects with social impact, with 14 years of experience in developing projects for both companies and NGOs.

Sustainable Living Podcast is part of the portfolio of social communication projects developed by Media Image Factory, in the area of ​​sustainability, together with the ecological education platform Green Guerrilla, GreenTech Film Festival, dedicated to the popularization of green technologies and documentary 10 (TEN).

The dialogue with this season's guests is broadcast from a location where sustainability is at home, Seneca Anticafe.

A project supported by the Swedish Embassy in Bucharest, Every Can Counts Romania, Alucro Association, SNRB, Stratos, Eco Synergy, Respo WEEE, Green Group, ECOTIC Organization and Radio Eco Natura.

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