Over 50 projects already registered for the Awards Gala for a Clean Environment

de | nov. 24, 2015 | News

VI 2014 gala logo

Now is the time when you can still enter your environmental project in a competition meant to make known significant gestures dedicated to the environment, protecting it, conserving resources and preventing their waste. If you are company, public institution, education or NGO, until November 25 you can still register your projects on www.galapremiilorpentrumediu.eu

So far, over 50 projects have been submitted and we welcome the diversity and creativity of the way in which all those concerned with environmental issues have chosen to act and mobilize the public interest, either inside the company / institution or outside.

We remind you that the award ceremony will take place on December 10, 2015, during the Awards Gala for a Clean Environment event, which will take place at the Grand Hotel Marriott in Bucharest.