Paris Climate 2015

de | April. 6, 2015 | News

On April 03, 2015, the conference "Paris Climate 2015: Involvement of France and Romania in the face of the challenges of COP21" took place. The event is included in the Franco-Romanian interministerial project called "Paris Climate 2015", which takes place throughout 2015, the closing conference being scheduled to take place in the French capital at the end of this year.

The collaboration is part of the joint efforts made by France and Romania to reduce the carbon footprint and, respectively, to develop cooperation in order to achieve the future global agreement on environmental protection.

In this sense, France wants a close collaboration with Romania to find common solutions and consolidate the ways of energy and ecological transition.

The conference was organized by the French Embassy in Romania and the Francophone Regional Center for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (CEREFREA).

On this occasion, the French Embassy in Romania appointed the Actress of the National Theater Medeea Marinescu as Ambassador of Paris Climat 2015 for Romania.

The event was attended by representatives of public institutions, academia, diplomats, representatives of the NGO sector in the field of environmental protection and media.