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de | aug. 16, 2020 | News

Electronic waste collection campaigns from the population.

In period August 17 - October 27 2020, ECOTIC, ADI Prahova and Rosal Prahova organize a series of local waste collection campaigns for branded electronic equipment Clean Cities and Clean Villages in over 80 localities in the county.  

The inhabitants of Prahova County are invited to correctly hand over the waste electrical and electronic equipment at the collection points available in each city and commune participating in the campaign.

Campaign planning is as follows:

August 17 - 18: Clean communes Blejoi, Paulesti, Gura Vitioarei, Drajna, Magurele; Clean Cities Vălenii de Munte

August 19 - 20: Clean Communes Lipanesti, Teisani, Izvoarele, Maneciu, Predeal Sarari; Cities Clean Boldești Scăieni

August 24 - 25: Comune Curate (Clean Villages) Alunis, Bertea, Posesti, Starchiojd, Bătrani, Cerasu

August 26 - 27: Comune Curate (Clean Villages) Măgureni, Floresti, Aricești Zeletini, Surani, Carbunestu, Șoimari

August 31 - September 1: Comune Curate (Clean Villages) Varbilau, Apostolache, Sangeriu, Salcia, Lapos; Slanic Clean Cities

September 2 - 3: Comune Curate (Clean Villages) Filipestii de Padure, Filipestii Targ, Baltesti, Gornet, Pacureti, Chiojdeanca

September 7 - 8: Comune Curate (Clean Villages) Dumbraveni, Valcanesti, Valea Calugareasca, Albesti, Paleologu, Plopu; Clean Screaming Cities

September 9 - 10: Clean Cities PlopeniComune Curate (Clean Villages) Cocorastii Mislii, Salciile, Boldesti Gradistea, Baba Ana, Ciorani

September 14 - 15: Comune Curate (Clean Villages) Barcănești, Puchenii Mari, Rafov, Balta Doamnei, Draganesti, Gherghița

September 16 - 17: Comune Curate (Clean Villages) Ariceștii Rahtivani, Târgșoru Vechi, Fulga, Colceag, Tomșani, Dumbrava

September 21 - 22: Clean Communes Cocorăștii Colt, Mănești, Calugăreni, Jugureni, Gura Vadului, Vadu Săpat

September 23 - 24: Comune Curate (Clean Villages) Gorgota, Poienarii Burchi, Fântanaele, Ceptura, Tătaru, Gornet, Cricov, Iordăcheanu

October 12 - 13: Curate Commune Bucov, Berceni

October 14 - 15: Commune Curate Olari, Sirna

October 19 - 20: Commune Curate Scorteni, Cosminele

October 21 - 22: Curate Stefești commune, Valea Doftanei

October 26 - 27: Commune Curate Tinosu

Each person who will hand over waste of at least 5kg cumulated will receive an instant prize, and for the delivery of waste over 30kg cumulated will be automatically entered in the raffle with prizes. Delivery of equipment can be done at the temporary collection point for each campaign at the City Hall or by telephone at number 0244933 - free pick-up service for large and bulky equipment. Collection at home will be done in compliance with health and safety requirements.

 "We try to raise awareness among the inhabitants of Prahova County, both urban and rural, on the importance of separate collection of recyclable waste, through information / awareness activities, encouraging them to hand over separately recyclable waste, especially waste of electrical and electronic equipment. It is important to understand that this separate collection helps to reduce the harmful effects on the environment, contributes to the efficient use of resources by reusing existing raw materials in this waste and, last but not least, creates jobs. " says Geanina Badicu - Deputy Director of ADI Prahova.

The campaigns are part of the national information campaign "Be with you in the country as well as abroad", organized by ECOTIC in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests. Its purpose is to contribute to the awareness of the general public regarding the responsible behavior towards the collection of WEEE - waste electrical and electronic equipment.

In 2019, ECOTIC carried out over 66 collection and awareness campaigns that informed over 350.000 people.