RECDEV - an innovative project that uses 3D technology for WEEE disassembly

de | July. 5, 2015 | News


RECDEV is a project funded by the European Commission that aims to develop a 3D virtual technology, through which multi-media trainings can be carried out for the workforce in the field of WEEE disassembly and recycling; thus, people can learn more easily and safely. 

ECOTIC participated in the workshop between June 30 and July 1, 2015 3D Training Software / Platform for the Recycling of WEEE, within the RECDEV project. The association was represented by Diana Grosu, Treatment Manager and WEEELABEX auditor within ECOTIC.

The RECDEV project is in full development. The initiators of the project identified an important aspect of the flow of recycling a WEEE: great diversity of equipment and their complexity (a large number of materials and substances used), make the goal of efficiently and safely disassemble an equipment to be more and more difficult.

Therefore, RECDEV develops an innovative technology, which involves 3D simulations of aspects of the process of dismantling and recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment. Through this technology, 3D simulations and trainings will be made available to the workforce in the WEEE treatment and recycling area, through which people will be able to learn more easily and safely how to disassemble equipment and how to extract it most efficiently. recyclable materials.

The workshop was attended by project partners from Greece, Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic, as well as stakeholders from Austria.