Run with Donath

de | May 27, 2013 | News

On May 25, 2013, during the events "Cluj Napoca Days" organized under the patronage of Cluj Napoca City Hall, was organized by RunSilvania and Ecological Club Transylvania, the first race with obstacles consisting of WEEE in Romania. The race took place under the symbolic name "Run with Donath". The event benefited from ECOTIC support, along with Total Waste Recycling.

One of the unique elements of this event was represented by the ecological character of the action, the participants and supporters of the activities having the possibility to get in touch in this way with the issue of electronic equipment waste. ECOTIC, together with Total Waste Recycling, arranged on the running track an obstacle consisting of old refrigerators.

The partners managed to highlight in this way the fact that the waste of electrical and electronic equipment requires special attention in terms of their proper management, the obstacle arranged by ECOTIC and Total Waste Recycling being the only one of its kind in the whole set. existing obstacles in the competition.

Given that overcoming the "ECOTIC obstacle", as it was called by the organizers, was not a problem for race participants, we can appreciate this success of competitors as an example for every citizen who wants to get rid of waste properly. of electronic equipment. Disposal of electrical and electronic equipment can be done responsibly, in Cluj Napoca citizens have available WEEE collection services organized by Rosal Grup and Brantner Veres, whose WEEE collection points are established with the support of ECOTIC.