Students get involved for a clean environment

de | July. 8, 2019 | News

The pilot project "Students for a clean environment", organized by ECOTIC together with three universities in Bucharest has ended.

Held between May 20 and June 7, the project was addressed to students at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the University of Bucharest and the Ecological University of Bucharest, promoting their involvement in environmental issues.

Thus, they had to carry out a theoretical project focused on environmental protection to support an identified need in the community and also to collect waste electrical and electronic equipment. The aim of the project was to raise their awareness of the need for environmental protection and selective collection.

At this pilot edition, all registered teams were awarded for their efforts for environmental protection and selective collection. The prizes offered by ECOTIC consisted of electronic equipment kits.

From the autumn of 2019, the project will continue in several universities in Bucharest and in the country, starting from the desire to continue raising awareness among young people about the importance of selective collection in general, and WEEE in particular.