The "Brașov Recycles" campaign returns with the "Ecotic Caravan"!

de | May 7, 2019 | ECOTIC Caravan, News

ECOTIC Caravan, the ECOTIC information and awareness vehicle, is present between 6 and 12 May in Brașov, in order to draw attention to the importance of separate collection of WEEE and to urge the people of Brașov to hand over used equipment for recycling. The caravan will be present in the high schools of Brasov between 06 and 09 May where it will hold open lessons with the students of the learning unitsI know about imporsorecyclecountry and collectselective country ofsaddles.

From Friday, May 10, untilon SundayMay 12, The ECOTIC Caravan will staytion in Livada Poyou know where it will definitely attract many visitors. The caravan is a mobile exhibition that presents 10 types of electrical and electronic equipment disassembled in order to highlight the recyclable content, along with other useful information on the importance of recycling and recovery of raw materials. It has been designated by the European Commission as Best Environment LIFE Project within GREEN WEEK 2018.

 We continue this spring the "Brașov Recycle" campaign, together with our partners, out of the desire to raise awareness among the people of Brașov about the importance of separate waste collection, providing them with 16 collection points. Awareness-raising activities, addressed to both adults and young people, and offering collection solutions will contribute to promoting a responsible attitude towards the environment ", says Valentin Negoiță, ECOTIC President.

The ECOTIC Association in partnership with the City Hall of Brașov and the Eco Civica Center organizes, between May 06-12, a new information and waste collection campaign for electrical and electronic equipment. Thus, the people of Brasov will have at their disposal 15 collection points, to which is added and ECOTIC Caravan, to which they will be able to bring and hand over for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Nr Location of temporary collection points Authorized period
1 Post Office Orchard - in the parking lot - ECOTIC Caravan 10-12.05.2019
2 Astra - 32 Saturn Blvd. - in front of the Horizon Galleries 11-12.05.2019
3 Bartolomeu - Str. Gospodarilor no.3 - near the Playground 11-12.05.2019
4 Calea Bucureşti - Parcul Someş 11-12.05.2019
5 Civic Center - in the parking lot in front of the Sergiana Center 11-12.05.2019
6 Old Center - Str. Avram Iancu intersection with Romanian Church Street 11-12.05.2019
7 Craiter - 110 Harmanului Street, the intersection with Str. CFR pavilions 11-12.05.2019
8 Făget - Str. December 13, near the RAT station 11-12.05.2019
9 Florilor - B-dul Alex. Vlahuţă no.10 in front of ITC 11-12.05.2019
10 Griviţei no.47 - the intersection of Emil Racovita street, near the Playground 11-12.05.2019
11 Metrom - Str. Carpathians, no. 60, objective 71 (inside Metrom) 11-12.05.2019
12 Prund - Schei - P-ţa Unirii near the RAT station 11-12.05.2019
13 Răcădău - Rose Park - near Carrefour Magnolia 11-12.05.2019
14 Tractorul - Str. Oltet no.12 - near Tractorul Square 11-12.05.2019
15 Noua - Dârste - 9 Prunului Street, near the RAT station 11-12.05.2019
16 Stupini - Str Bârsei, near the Church 11-12.05.2019

The schedule of collection points is between 10:00 and 17:00.

Direct collection of bulky equipment (automatic washing machines, TVs, stoves, refrigerators and freezers or central heating) directly from the home based on telephone numbering 0742 400 404 / 0756 200 201 (callable from Monday to Sunday, between 9.00 - 17.00) or by email:

For picking up automatic washing machines or refrigerators and refrigerators at home, every citizen will receive gift vouchers.

To encourage the correct delivery for recycling of used electricity and electronics, each inhabitant who will bring to the WEEE collection points will be automatically entered in the raffle, having the opportunity to win one of the following prizes: 3 hair dryers, 3 hair clippers , 3 coffee makers, 3 irons, 3 vacuum cleaners and 2 microwaves.