ECOTIC study on the type of WEEE collected in rural ECOTIC campaigns in Bacau County

de | April. 8, 2014 | News

This study aimed to obtain data on waste electrical and electronic equipment that is in rural households and that citizens have voluntarily handed over in ECOTIC collection campaigns.

The study was conducted in rural areas, between October and November 2013, in 13 localities in Bacau County, within a collection campaign conducted by ECOTIC together with the local partner, Ecorec.

A total of 421 equipments were collected, meaning 7.080 kg, on average 32 equipments per locality and 550 kg. Most equipments were collected in Tartarasi - 89 equipments meaning 1.531 kg, and the least in Motoseni - 4 equipments meaning 52 kg.

More details on this study can be found here.