The first WEEELABEX certifications in Romania!

de | January. 12, 2016 | News

The year begins with good news. Benefiting from the assiduous contribution of ECOTIC, concrWeeelabex_logolabeled in years of promoting WEEELABEX standards and increasing the quality requirements of WEEE treatment contracts, the first operators in Romania obtained WEEELABEX certification: Remat Holding and Greenweee International.

The certification process started months ago and consisted of audits of depollution activities and fulfillment of recovery rates. The audit team consisted of Daniel Picha - Leading WEEELABEX Auditor - from the Czech Republic and Diana Grosu, the WEEELABEX auditor from the ECOTIC team.

The ECOTIC organization would like to thank the teams involved in this process, both those of the partners from Remat Holding and Greenweee International, and the ECOTIC operational team, for their perseverance and dedication.

These certifications mark an important moment: it is the beginning of a change for the better in the way WEEE is treated at national level and will be a good example for all other operators.

Compliance with standards means fewer pollutants in the WEEE dispersed in the environment, reducing the risk to which people working with WEEE are exposed and a high degree of recycling and recovery.

All operators in the ECOTIC system will comply with all the clauses of these standards until the end of 2017, and ECOTIC will continue to promote them so that they become a mandatory national standard.

"Our profile (Greenweee International SA) is based on the standardgreenweeeIt is of high quality, but with the certification process we were able to assess whether the efficiency of the procedures applied so far in terms of collection, treatment and recycling is as it should be, at the WEEELabex level. The certificate is not easily awarded, but the testing period, discussions and analyzes have increased the desire to meet the evaluation criteria. The WEEElabex report showed us that we are on the right track and confirms that we are among the European leaders in the recycling industry. However, we truly believe that there is always room for continuous improvement. The certificate is a hallmark of our operations and must be supported by the efforts of an entire team, which we will continue to do. Its value is a combination of elements that any factory in the recycling industry must have. " Marius Costache - Executive Director of Greenweee International SA

"Concern for recycling/utilization as completely as possiblefinished, efficiency and non-pollution of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in order to reintroduce secondary raw materials resulting in the economic circuit, saving natural resources and reducing pollution is the constant concern in REMATHOLDING, under the motto "COMPETENCE IN RECYCLING". WEEELABEX certification in terms of WEEE collection and treatment, obtained at the end of 2015 with the help of the ECOTIC Association, obliges us to maintain at the highest level the bar of quality, efficiency and safety in carrying out these specific processes, thus ensuring professionalism. responsible and realistic. It is definitely an important step forward for REMATHOLDING, but also for the recycling industry in Romania! ” Nicolae Manole - Economic Advisor, Remat Holding