RECYCLING GUARANTEE, offered by ECOTIC to Romanian producers

de | February. 11, 2014 | News

Via ECOTIC Area Representatives, together with the other operational and documentary stages, we ensure the monthly monitoring in the field of the WEEE flow reported in our own system. The high frequency of these monitoring actions, over 200 visits made annually guarantees the fulfillment of the quality requirements of the processes carried out by the ECOTIC contractual partners, which carry out the operations of collection, treatment, recycling, recovery and non-polluting disposal of WEEE.

The activity of field monitoring of WEEE flow follows with priority: the verification of the observance by the partner operators, of the following requirements imposed by the legislation, transposed at contractual level:

1.DOCUMENTARY ANALYSIS OF THE MONTHLY REPORTS, at the headquarters of the operators, ECOTIC partners

The Zonal Representatives check the set of documents that accompany the WEEE reports from the ECOTIC system, ensuring:

  • Demonstration of compliance with specific legal requirements carry on the territory of Romania a Hazardous / non-hazardous WEEE;
  • The existence of all permits necessary for WEEE generators / acceptors of fractions resulting from treatment;
  • Fulfillment of all legal requirements regarding waste traceability, from the place of production to the final recycling plant.
  • Fulfillment of all requirements of manufacturers / distributors who deliver WEEE through ECOTIC;




ECOTIC representatives permanently ensure that the minimum storage requirements for WEEE and components are met. The aim is to comply with the following conditions:

  • Storage on waterproof surfaces;
  • Sorting of WEEE by subcategories;
  • Possibility to verify WEEE stocks managed on behalf of ECOTIC producers;
  • Storage conditions limit the potential polluting effects of WEEE;



The treatment processes of ECOTIC partners ensure, with priority, the removal and elimination, in conditions of work safety and environmental protection:

  • Components containing dangerous substances: heavy metals, ozone-depleting substances;
  • Electrolytic capacitors;
  • Oils;
  • Mercury components;
  • Lampi sa


The entire set of processes carried out by operators, ECOTIC partners, is constantly monitored, so as to ensure a high degree of quality of the processes carried out, in compliance with all legal requirements regarding the safety and health of workers, protection of environmental factors.

The activity of field monitoring of the processes of collection, treatment, capitalization of WEEE, is performed by the team of zonal representatives of the Association, with long experience and qualifications in the following fields:

- Occupational safety and health

- Environment protection

- Waste management


The pictures were made with the support of Greenweee International.