The Recycling Station, the ECOTIC campaign dedicated to the rural environment, starts in Brasov County as well!

de | septum. 19, 2016 | News

The Recycling Station is an information and waste collection campaign for electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), launched by the ECOTIC Organization in June 2016 and dedicated to the rural environment in Romania. After crossing Iasi County, The Recycling Station also starts in Brasov County, starting today - 19 September 2016, with the support of the Institution of the Prefect of Brasov County, the Agency for Environmental Protection Brasov and DEDEMAN.img_6734 

After passing through the villages in Iasi County, the Recycling Station arrived in Brasov County. The first localities visited are:  Moieciu (September 19-21), Bran (September 22-24), Zarnesti (September 25-27), Vulcan (September 28-30) si Cristian (October 1-3) . Until the end of November, the ECOTIC Caravan will visit 15 Brasov localities.

"Waste management is very important. We have a European directive and a mandatory target for Romania, therefore, we, the local authorities and the citizens must be aware that our involvement must be total "- Ciprian Bancila - Prefect of Brasov.