The School of Ecoterrians announces its winners

de | June. 21, 2018 | News

June announces the end of the second edition of the project "School of Ecoterrians", a large-scale project addressed to educational institutions, carried out by ECOTIC and ECOTIC BAT with the support of the MinistryEnvironment in over 200 schools nationwide. The results of this edition are materialized in: 306 videos made on environmental topics by students, 57 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) collected, 2,3 tons of waste batteries and accumulators (DBA) collected and over 100.000 students involved.

The project took place during the 2017-2018 school year and consisted of two types of activities:

  1. Collection of WEEE and DBA, schools being awarded vouchers for the purchase of equipment depending on the quantity taught.
  2. Making video materials by students, through which they promote environmentally responsible behaviors.

Students competed in creating creative videos focused on environmental issues, such as separate waste collection, global warming, as well as their own solutions or experiences. In the short videos, the various topics were presented individually or in teams, including the importance of recycling for the community, environmental protection, conservation of the planet's resources. Following the judging, the makers of the most inspired videos received hoverboards, drones and smart bracelets.

Winning materials are available on the page YouTube's ECOTIC organization.

“What could be more beautiful than the reward for the work done with so much love and interest? Bianca Popescu, a fourth grade student at the "Mihai Peia" High School in Reșița, felt the joy of recognizing "the job well done". The video made during the contest of the "School of Ecoterrians" was awarded a Smart Scooter X-board S. For her and her classmates and school, this campaign is a pleasant and useful way to change the attitude and behavior on environmental protection by recycling electrical and electronic equipment. In our turn, we appreciate ECOTIC for professionalism, promptness, fairness and impartiality. The "School of Ecoterrians" is a serious campaign in which, in addition to ecological education, the child is rewarded for his work. CONGRATULATIONS!" said Elena Crîsta, Coordinating Teacher within the “School of Ecoterrians” campaign at the “Mihai Peia” Gymnasium School in Reșița.

Since 2015, the project "School of Ecoterrians" has sent the message of the importance of environmental protection, the aim of the campaign is to educate and inform students, teachers and parents through their active involvement in activities that focus on separate waste collection and conservation nature and resources.