Visit of the EC delegation on environmental issues

de | February. 4, 2015 | News

On 29 and 30 January 2015, a delegation of the European Commission, DG Environment, traveled to Bucharest to assess the situation of waste management in Romania.

The delegation had meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, ANPM and of the organizations of producers and economic operators in the waste market. On behalf of ECOTIC participated Valentin Negoita - president and Dragos Calugaru - general manager. 

The discussions focused on evaluating the results registered by Romania in recent years in the management of household waste and other categories of waste, on the existing problems in achieving the collection targets and objectives assumed by our country as a Member State of the European Union. 

In the dialogue with the EC delegation, the representatives of the producers in the field of WEEE and packaging management highlighted both the achievements registered in the actions of information and awareness of the population, as well as the problems encountered in the current activity, such as:

• Weak involvement of local authorities in waste management

• Parallel trade in waste electrical and electronic equipment

• The still low awareness of the population towards environmental issues

• Reduced cooperation between producer organizations and local authorities (mayors) in activities of national interest such as providing collection infrastructure, and in information and awareness activities

At the proposal of the representatives of the European Commission, the dialogue with the Romanian authorities, the collective organizations of the producers and the operators in the field of waste management will continue in the coming months.