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de | October. 11, 2021 | News

Electric and bulky waste collection campaign in Buzau

Buzau, 8.10.2021 Between October 18 and November 20, in the context of the International Day for the Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Waste, the inhabitants of Buzau are encouraged to be actively involved in environmental protection through the separate collection of electrical waste and bulky waste.

Buzau City Hall, together with ECOTIC, RER SOUTH and GreenWEEE organizes a campaign for the inhabitants of Buzau, dedicated to the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and bulky waste.

Residents have access to the campaign FREE collection of electrical and bulky waste from home. Orders will be placed at 0374 885 690, from Monday to Friday between 7:00 and 14:00.


The collection will be done according to the area, according to the planning below. Following the collection schedule, the waste must be removed in front of the gate of the house / block until 9:00, on the day of collection for each area.

To encourage the recycling initiative, each person who will teach electrical and electronic waste of at least 15 kg cumulated will receive an instant prize, an umbrella (within the available stock).

Simultaneously with the campaign addressed to the citizens, within the municipality of Buzău, there is also a campaign to collect electrical and electronic waste from schools, legal entities and public institutions. The delivery procedure is the same, the orders will be made at the number 0374 885 690 and they will be taken over during the week.

 "The campaign for collecting electrical and electronic waste, bulky waste, in schools and public institutions and from the population, the establishment of fixed points for the collection of these types of waste, initiated by Buzau City Hall aims to create programs and infrastructure necessary for collection and recovery of these types of waste, in accordance with the strategy of the Municipality of Buzau to become a Circular city. Therefore, I urge the people of Buzau to support us in all the steps taken in the direction of keeping our city clean and, together, to act responsibly in the correct management of the waste generated by each of us, "he said. Constantin Toma - Mayor of Buzau.

The collection of electrical and electronic waste, as well as bulky waste will be done by RER SUD and their recycling will be done at the GreenWEEE Buzau factory.

In order to encourage, in the long run, the collection of electrical and electronic waste, Buzău City Hall together with its partners, will place in the next period 3 electrical waste collection containers which will be open to the general public in Central Square, Micro XIV Square and Dorobanti Square.

Details about the campaign and its rules are available on www.primariabuzau.ro, www.ecotic.ro and www.rersud.ro.