Visit to the FPSC - June 9

de | June. 14, 2016 | News

A tradition that we have perpetuated over time is the presentation in the field of the processes that follow the collection of electrical waste, we called it "Open Doors Day". In the past years, I have visited operators such as: GreenWEEE Buzau, Total Waste Recycling, Ateliere Fara Frontiere and this year I visited Foundation for the Promotion of Community Sanctions (FPSC).

During the visit I found out from Alin Paun - FPSC Executive Director, that the mission of the foundation is to promote and support the community measures in Romania by ensuring the efficient execution of the community sanctions and measures. More clearly, this foundation offers the possibility of executing working hours for the benefit of the community by disassembling electrical and electronic equipment.

ECOTIC partners visited the workshop in Bucharest. More details about FPSC are available here