We announce the winners of the "Doctor Honoris Natura" campaign!

de | Dec. 7, 2015 | News

The eminent students who won the title of "Doctor Honoris Natura" are the following:

 Bucharest University         DH

  • Paica Corina - XNUMXst place
  • Graur Ana Maria - Second place
  • Rosca Maria - XNUMXrd place

Polytechnic University 

  • Zavoianu Georgiana - First place
  • Serbanica Vlad - Second place
  • Constantin Cristian Andrei - XNUMXrd place

Please contact the winners by phone: 031.805.57.42/43; 0753.108.700 or e-mail: logistica@www.ecotic.ro and check the e-mail addresses sent at registration.