What will happen in 2021 with the recycling of electrical waste in Romania?

de | Dec. 8, 2020 | News

Bucharest, December 08.

ECOTIC (www.ecotic.ro) together with hotnews (www.hotnews.ro ) organizes on December 15 at 15:00  the online event "Retrospective 2020. Forecasts 2021 in WEEE management".

The webinar can be watched LIVE on www.hotnews.ro and on your Youtube account HotNewsRomania.

We organize this online seminar by approaching two perspectives: how the collection and recycling of electrical waste took place in the conditions of the pandemic and what will happen in 2021, when the national target will increase to 65% from 45% and penalties of 4 lei will be imposed / kg (target not reached), the highest penalty in the European Union.

In this European context, the WEEE Forum, an organization made up of Producer Responsibility Transfer Organizations (TROs) around the world, of which ECOTIC is a part, presents this year a new vision that emphasizes the need to review the current extended producer responsibility system. , including the method of calculating the imposed targets.

The event will be attended by representatives of the most important actors involved in the management of the waste management system of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE): authorities, retail, sanitation, collectors, OTRs.  

The event will be moderated by Victor Kapra, Journalist, and next year's prospects will be debated by:

  • Mircea Fechet - Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests
  • Ion Maican - General Manager of System Plus
  • Octavian Tuglea - Director of the Dedeman Compliance Department
  • Adrian Virlan - Romstal Investment Environmental Auditor
  • Valentin Negoiță - President of ECOTIC
  • Dragos Călugaru - General Manager of ECOTIC
  • Marius Costache - General Manager Green WEEE
  • Dr. Eng. Ana-Maria Schiopu - Head of Environmental and Quality Management Office - Salubris Iași

 The last part of the event will be dedicated to this year's edition of Clean Environment Awards Gala.

Through the Awards Gala for a Clean Environment, ECOTIC wants to bring to the public's attention this year as well the atypical environmental projects that contribute to the promotion of the ecological attitude in the Romanian society.

This special edition recognizes the efforts to continue the winning projects in previous years.

The winners of this year's edition will be announced during the webinar.

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    About ECOTIC:

ECOTIC is the first organization of manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in Romania, founded in 2006, which provides free containers for the separate collection of waste small electronic equipment including light sources and batteries, as well as the free collection of bulky equipment from the company's premises or from home. For more details call 021 9641.


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