Workshop organized by INTERPOL for the National Environmental Guard

de | May 9, 2013 | News

Between April 16 and 18, 2013, INTERPOL hosted a delegation a Romanian National Environmental Guard (GNM,).

The purpose of this three-day workshop was to familiarize the commissioner of the Environmental Guard with the activities, tools and services of INTERPOL.
During the visit, the Romanian delegates had the opportunity to get to know the activities of the different divisions of INTERPOL such as: Criminal Organizations and Drugs, Financial and Economic Crimes, Public Safety and Terrorism,

Trafficking in human beings, trafficking in illicit goods and crimes against the environment.
They also became familiar with I-24/7, a global INTERPOL communications system and have better understood how this system connects law enforcement officials in the 190 member states.

The use of announcements but also the method of dissemination presented a real interest for the commissioners of the National Environmental Guard.

Intense discussions took place between GNM and INTERPOL - Program against the environment , in which both became acquainted with the activity of the other. There was also an exchange of ideas with the project leaders,

and shared common environmental and law enforcement issues and solutions. GNM has expressed a special interest in Leaf Project Program, Eden (which will be released soon) and Ladder -

combating illegal logging, illegal trafficking in electronic waste and other forms of polluting crime, and fishing crime, respectively.

Discussions also identified the potential for collaboration on combating wildlife crime in Eastern Europe.
One result of the workshop is the intention of the Romanian National Environmental Guard to organize a National Environmental Security Seminar (SSNM).
For more information on INTERPOL tools and services and how they can provide support in enforcing environmental legislation, visit: