ECOTIC and School Otherwise

de | April. 10, 2014 | campaign

Among other things, Altfel School also means for students the opportunity to discover things, places and information not only from books. During this period, an ECOTIC team traveled to Botosani and participated together with Urban Serv and the Botosani Environmental Protection Agency, in the ecological activities carried out by two educational institutions. 

Our colleagues provided information on the correct collection and recycling of used electrical equipment, batteries and portable batteries, as well as on any gesture we can make regardless of age and social status to protect the environment, our health and ecosystems.

Also, in the same period, in Botosani, ECOTIC together with the mentioned partners, carries out the project "Together, for a clean environment!". Through this project, the inhabitants of the area are informed about the reasons why it is necessary to selectively collect, to hand over to the collection points or to authorized recyclers the waste of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as the collection points opened in Botosani for collecting this waste.
In this project, the reward for the gesture of protecting the environment is a plant offered by the organizers.

The students who participated in the eco-education classes held during this period brought to school the used equipment and used portable batteries, thus participating in environmental protection and reuse of resources.