PEPCO and ECOTIC recycle! And Santa Claus rewards! - November 5 - December 5

de | nov. 21, 2016 | campaign

Between November 5 and December 5, 2016, PEPCO and ECOTIC carried out a campaign to collect used batteries and electric toys in the network of PEPCO stores in Bucharest.Pepco

The inhabitants of Bucharest were informed and encouraged to participate in the collection of the mentioned waste, being able to teach in any of the 13 Pepco stores from Bucharest used batteries and electric toys.

Each person who handed over 4 used batteries or an old electric toy received a voucher and participated in the raffle. The prizes for each Pepco store were:

  • First prize - a tablet
  • Second prize - a pair of headphones
  • Prize III - an external battery

The winners are:

NR Magazine chastisers
1 Bucharest 1, Drumul Taberei Irina Olteanu - tablet
Alina Oana Popescu - headphones
Ileana Nedelea - drums
2 Bucharest 2, Mega Mall Nepi Marian Mugurel Căciulă-Verde - tablet
Marilena Cristina Vasile - castes
Nicoleta Florentina Șuleapă - drums
3 Bucharest 4, Militari Shopping Center Mari Mihalache - tablet
Stan Ileana - castes
Hristu Iuliana - drums
4 Bucharest 5, Pipera Intercora Andrei Adam - tablet
Valerica Ionescu - headphones
Cornel Ionuț Florea - drums
5 Bucharest 6, Nasaud Florian Dinca - tablet
Georgiana Buloi - castes
Cristina Andra Ganea - drums
6 Bucharest Mega Center Ionuț Răzvan Cristea - tablet
Doina Constantinescu - headphones
Speranța Lazăr - battery
7 Bucharest Mihai Bravu Intercora Alexandrina Coman - tablet
Lăcrămioara Iordache - headphones
Rodica Șerban - drums
8 Bucharest Pallady Immochan Niculina Teleaga - tablet
Valentin Simion - castes
Mădălin Voicu - drums
9 Bucharest Titan Iris Strompl Marinela - tablet
Marinela Vochin - castes
Adriana Micșa - drums
10 Bucharest Veranda Mall Răzvan Lisca - the tablet
Maria Claudia Ilie - castes
Traian Bag - battery

The regulation is available here.

PEPCO and ECOTIC recycle! And Santa Claus rewards!

PEPCO and ECOTIC have recycled! And Santa Claus has won!