Recycling - A way of life in Timisoara as well

de | October. 20, 2014 | campaign

Over 4 tons of electrical and electronic equipment waste collected in Timisoara

Between October 13 and 31, 2014, ECOTIC in partnership with Retim Ecologic Service SA, the Agency for Environmental Protection Timis (APM) and the City Hall of Timisoara carried out the campaign "Recycling - A way of life!". Through this campaign, the organizers came to the aid of the population of Timisoara, offering the necessary logistical support to all those who wanted to get rid of old and used electrical and electronic equipment correctly. In total, over 4 tons of such waste were collected. All this will follow the natural course of recycling, through the ECOTIC system.

Through the campaign called "Recycling - A way of life!" The organizers wanted to remind all the inhabitants of Timisoara that waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is a real danger to human health and the environment, if not collected and recycled properly. According to the legislation in force, the separate collection and responsible delivery of waste electrical and electronic equipment are obligations that even the population must comply with.

Through the "Recycling - A way of life!" Campaign electrical and electronic equipment wastes were taken directly from the owners if they were too large and heavy. For any WEEE of at least 10 kg, handed over by each inhabitant, the organizers offered a very useful accessory this fall, an umbrella.

Three new temporary collection points for this waste were opened during the project, in addition to those that operate throughout the year and are located in:

  • Calea Torontalului no. 94;
  • Str. Energy no. 3 (Calea Şagului area);
  • Calea Moşniţei no. 2;
  • Aleea Avram Imbroane no. 70.

In total, over 4 tons of old and used equipment were collected from 205 people. All these equipments will follow the natural course of recycling, through the ECOTIC system. Thus, by the correct recycling of WEEE are recovered secondary raw materials that we will find in new products, which involves reducing the consumption of raw materials and, therefore, the protection of natural resources. Also, toxic substances, such as mercury and other heavy metals or various bromides, will no longer pollute the soil, water and air, the environment being once again protected by a simple gesture, that of selective collection.

Only together can we offer ourselves and future generations a CLEAN ENVIRONMENT! 

  Details about the project and how these wastes can be responsibly handed over in this project and on and tel 0756.169.616.

  The rules of this campaign are available by accessing this link.