de | July. 29, 2019 | campaign, Recycling Station

Development period: 

  •  July 23 - August 6, 2019

Ink audience:

  • the inhabitants of Timis county


Each inhabitant who will bring to the ECOTIC Caravan 20kg of accumulated WEEE will receive a gift voucher of 10 lei, for 40 kg of cumulative will receive a ticket of 20 lei and for 60 kg of cumulative will receive a ticket of 30 lei. People who will bring between 5 and 19 KG of accumulated WEEE will be automatically entered in the raffle, being able to win 5 prizes of 100 lei Dedeman card.

Taking home bulky equipment (TV, refrigerators, washing machines) is free based on telephone appointment at the phone number 0732.148.550 between 10:00 and 17:00 or directly at the Caravan. The appointment will be made on the first day of the campaign in each locality.

The localities visited within Stage II are:

    • DETA, JULY 23-25, 2019 (in the parking lot of the ESEGITEX company)
    • READY, 26-28 JULY 2019 (at the City Hall annexes)
    • JEBEL, JULY 29-30, 2019 (in front of the House of Culture)
    • TORMAC, 1-3 AUGUST 2019 (in the center of Tormac commune - Parking Square)
    • BIG JAM, AUGUST 4-6, 2019 (in the courtyard of Jamu Mare Gymnasium School)

The regulation is available here