Are you thinking about recycling? Hand over waste responsibly, giving you a clean environment!

de | septum. 30, 2013 | campaign

ECOTIC, Recolamp and Dedeman have carried out a new project to raise awareness and empower the population regarding the correct recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, but also of burned bulbs and neon lights. The project took place in the Dedeman store in Bacau, located on Str. Republicii, no. 185, between October 07 and 20, 2013.

The prizes at stake, in addition to the clean environment that each of us wins whenever we recycle properly, were also new electrical equipment.

The objective of the campaign was to develop a responsible attitude of citizens towards waste, especially towards waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste lighting equipment. The awareness campaign included, besides the informative-educational side, also the practical component, that of selective collection of these wastes.

The campaign called “BE OUR HERO! Recycle! ECOTIC AND RECOLAMP rewards you! ” took place between October 7 and 20, in the Dedeman store in Bacau, where interested citizens could hand over to the stand for the project, in a fair and environmentally friendly way, old or non-functional electrical and electronic equipment, but also energy-saving light bulbs and burned neons. 

The organizers offered a voucher to people who handed over electrical equipment or three energy-saving light bulbs or burned neon lights. The respective voucher gave the right to the person thus registered in the campaign to participate in the raffle organized on October 23, at 12.00, in the same store.
The awards for the delivery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) were three Samsung TVs. Three E-Boda 7 '' tablets were offered for waste bulbs and neons.

The chances of winning the campaign participants were given by the number of waste handed over.

By drawing lots organized during the raffle on October 23, three winners of the prizes at stake for each type of waste handed over in the campaign were designated. 

These are:

For Samsung LED TVs 32EH4003:

- Popa Mihai, heel series DE, no. 0263

- Anton Marius, heel series DE, no. 0424

- Chirila Andreea, heel series DE, no. 0380


For Android 7 ”E-Boda Essential A300 tablets:

- Crihan Gabriel, RE series heel, no. 0664

- Patrascu Claudiu, heel series RE, no. 0508

- Vasilache Adelina, RE series heel, no. 0553


Congratulations to the winners!


The press release launched on the occasion of the campaign is available here.

The contest rules are available here.