“Take care of your city” is a project dedicated to Waste Batteries and Accumulators (WBA) and started from the population's need to have small, portable battery collection points, as handy as possible.

This project has started in the city of Alexandria (Teleorman County) and was called "Take care of your city Alexandria!"

As a result of fulfilling this population's need but also as a communication tool, ECOTIC places in this project WBA collection boxes in the form of mailboxes (picture) at the entrances of residential buildings in a certain city. At the first edition, in the city of Alexandria, boxes were installed in 100 entrances.

The purpose of this project is to hold the population accountable for the separate collection of WBAs and to help citizens properly dispose of this waste.

The mechanism is as follows:

  • The tenants of the building deposit batteries in the box and once a week or every two weeks the local collector empties them.

This project will continue to take place in other cities of the country.