8 tons of WEEE collected in 9 days of campaign in Botosani

de | May 16, 2013 | campaign

Between April 18 and 26, the information, awareness and waste collection campaign for waste electrical and electronic equipment, as well as portable batteries and old batteries, called "Recycle today, for your health tomorrow" took place in Botosani. A little over 8 tons of WEEE were collected during the campaign. 

Partners in the project, together with ECOTIC, ECOTIC BAT and the City Hall of Botosani, were the Agency for Environmental Protection Botosani and SC Urban Serv SA Botosani.
The students of the Children's Palace from Botosani from the Environmental Protection Circle joined in the ecological approach. They created the informative materials, making the information to the citizens of the municipality.

Students understood the importance of separate collection in the waste recycling circuit, but also the high degree of danger that electrical and electronic waste and waste batteries and accumulators have if they are improperly stored or thrown away at random. They therefore decided to share this knowledge with the inhabitants of Botosani municipality and thus determine them to selectively collect waste electrical and electronic equipment and used batteries.

In the educational institutions from Botosani Municipality involved in the ECO - School project, a program supported by the European Union and the United Nations Environment Program, informative materials were distributed, these being also available in the trams in the city.

In the Central Square area, a tent was placed throughout the project, distributing information materials through students both in the tent and in public areas. Also there, the population was able to bring WEEE and used batteries for separate collection and recycling. About 5 kg of such battery waste was collected from the population.

The general public was receptive, and by involving all partners in the project, especially the sanitation operator SC Urban Serv SA Botosani, through the Integrated Management, Quality, Communication Department, in the 9 days of the campaign were collected just over 8 tons of waste electrical and electronic equipment.
As a result of this campaign, the population became aware of the importance of separate waste collection, the requests for taking over WEEE registered from the population after the end of the campaign being more numerous.

The project archive is available here.