Be an example! Selectively collect used batteries

de | February. 19, 2013 | campaign

 1.595 kilograms of used batteries were collected in schools in Brasov County

Students from the 131 pre-university education institutions in Brasov County collected 1.595 kilograms of waste batteries and accumulators in the “Be an example! Selectively collect used batteries.

Between March 01 and June 01, 2013, ECOTIC through ECOTIC BAT and the Agency for Environmental Protection Brasov, the Brasov County School Inspectorate and Rian Consult carried out in all 131 educational institutions in Brasov County, the Program "Be an example! Selectively collect used batteries.

Through this program, the organizers have focused their efforts on modeling positive examples in society regarding environmentally friendly behavior, the program encouraging the improvement of the responsible attitude of students and teachers towards waste, especially towards waste batteries and accumulators (DB / A). The gesture of selective collection must become a habit, one of the solutions being education in this sense.

The activities carried out in the Program “Be an example! Selectively collect used batteries ”focused on both the informative-educational side and the practical component, that of selective collection of waste batteries and accumulators in the containers provided by ECOTIC BAT.

Between June 01 and 10, the authorized collectors of ECOTIC BAT collected the waste batteries and accumulators collected in the educational institutions. Based on the ranking given by these quantities, the first 5 educational units that collected the most waste will receive a video projector and a projection screen from ECOTIC.

The first five ranked educational institutions are:

  1. Gymnasium School no. 5 from Brasov
  2. Zarnesti Secondary School
  3. Gymnasium School no. 14 from Brasov
  4. High School no. 11, "St.O.Joseph"
  5. Gymnasium School no. 30 from Brasov

Through the efforts of all those involved in the project - students, teachers, parents, local communities - in these schools were collected a total of just over half of the total amount of used batteries in the project.

Through the activities carried out by the organizers in this project, through the support and training of the communities by the students, 1.595 kilograms of recyclable waste represented by used batteries and accumulators have taken the natural and normal way to recycling.

The waste collected in this project has been collected with the help of authorized collectors, and all used batteries will be recycled according to legal provisions.


 Here is available the Program Regulations “Be an example! Selectively collect used batteries. 

 Click here for the press release given at the beginning of the project.