Christmas forest

de | Dec. 18, 2012 | campaign

Christmas forest is an afforestation project in Valea Floreiului, Jud. Prahova.

He was born from the desire to offer a solution to those who want a living Christmas tree and want to make it more than a memory, to make a forest together.

 In order to participate in the project, you can buy one of the two variants of live fir trees on December 10-21 from Aviatorilor Boulevard no. 9, Bucharest. Fir seedlings are delivered in wicker baskets, with a bale of generous soil in which they grew (30-40cm).

They can be replanted in very good condition together with the basket which is biodegradable.

The Christmas tree will be with you for the Holidays and you can return it for replanting after the end of the year, between January 3 and 5 in Aviatorilor Boulevard no. 9, Bucharest.

The seedlings will be transported to the nursery from Posada where they will stay until April 2013, when you can participate with us in the planting Christmas Forest, in Floreiului Valley, Prahova County.