de | May 8, 2019 | campaign

Development period:

  • 6-19-May 2019

Ink audience:

  • the inhabitants of Otopeni


Thus, during the campaign, any resident of Otopeni who will teach Waste over 5 kg accumulated will be automatically entered in the raffle, being able to win attractive prizes.

Temporary collection points are located at:

  • intersection of 23 August Street with Mărgăritarului Street (City)
  • intersection of Sofia Street with Church Street (Sat)
  • intersection DN1 with Strada Ferme H with Strada Drumul Gării Balotești (Ferme)
  • intersection of Tudor Vladimirescu Street with Iancu Jianu Street - plateau (Odăi)

At the same time, the inhabitants of Otopeni can benefit from a free service. Thus, the collection of waste of large and bulky electrical and electronic equipment will be done from home, based on a prior appointment at the telephone number 021 35146 03.

Campaign rules are available here.