ECOTIC projects in the country

de | July. 18, 2012 | campaign

Between April 02 and May 19, in 39 communes and cities of Bistrita Nasaud County, an extensive campaign was collected for the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The campaign was organized by ECOTIC, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency Bistrita Nasaud and Bene International SRL.

Together with our partners we first of all set out to support local public administrations that have the role of supporting the selective collection of waste in the territorial-administrative units they represent. The owners of such waste from the cities and communes where the campaign took place had the opportunity, for the first time, to hand over their WEEE to a specialized recycler, thus avoiding their abandonment in unauthorized spaces or mixing with household waste.

The staff of Bene International SRL, together with the actual WEEE collection activities, informed the population about the significance of selective collection and WEEE, on the dangers that this waste represents by the presence of hazardous materials (oils, freons, heavy metals, etc. ). The delivery of this waste did not involve costs for its owners.

In Cluj County, between May 02 and June 03, the series of ECOTIC collection actions continued in rural areas. This time, the campaign was supported by the local environmental authorities, by the National Environmental Guard - Cluj County Commissariat. WEEE collection was carried out in partnership with Bene International SRL, as an authorized collector.