ECOTIC continued the WEEE awareness and collection projects

de | July. 18, 2012 | campaign

ECOTIC carried out between November and December 2010 projects for awareness and selective collection of WEEE in the counties of Salaj, Vrancea, Bacau, Iasi, Ialomita, Valcea, Dambovita, Ilfov and Cluj.

These projects were carried out with the involvement of the local authorities but also of the collecting partners from the respective areas. Teams of volunteers were involved in distributing informative materials related to the projects. Posters were distributed to inform the population in the mentioned areas about the possibility of disposing of WEEE in an organized and environmentally friendly way. The project carried out at the level of the above mentioned counties proposed to the owners of WEEE an advantageous exchange: for at least 10 kg of WEEE handed over to ECOTIC, they receive in turn fire briquettes.

The project took place in November, 2010. At the same time, ECOTIC carried out between November 3 and December 17, 2010 a WEEE collection campaign in rural areas in Cluj County.