It's time to say goodbye to old equipment, a project in the rural area of ​​Bacau County

de | October. 9, 2013 | campaign

Between October 21 and November 23, 2013, in the rural area of ​​Bacau County, a campaign was carried out to collect electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) from the population. The campaign, organized by ECOTIC and Ecorec Recycling in partnership with the Bacau Environmental Protection Agency, aimed to increase the involvement and awareness of the local public administration and the rural population in the county in the selective collection of these types of waste for introduction in the correct circuit of capitalization and recycling.

The program included, besides the informative-educational side and a practical component, that of separate collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment by offering to and through the authorized collector, solutions for a community problem not yet fully solved locally: separate collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

During the above mentioned period, an Ecorec Recycling car passed through the communes and villages participating in the project, the population being invited to hand over the WEEE it owns to the specialized personnel.

The localities that have shown increased interest in this campaign are the following:

  • Fărăoani - date of the campaign 26.10.2013, 345 kg are already collected here;
  • Ițești - date of the campaign 30.10.2013, 685 kg are already collected here;
  • Casino - date of the campaign 31.10.2013, 1352 kg are already collected here;
  • Luizi Călugăra - date of the campaign 01.11.2013, 672 kg being collected;
  • Tataras - the date of the campaign 03.11.2013, being collected 1197 kg;
  • Lipova - date of the campaign 06.11.2013, collecting 716 kg;
  • Vultureni - date of the campaign 07.11.2013, collecting 274 kg;
  • Wicker - the date of the campaign 08.11.2013, being collected 378 kg;
  • Oncești - date of the campaign 10.11.2013, being collected 411 kg;
  • Motoșeni - date of the campaign 12.11.2013, 52 kg being collected;
  • Filipinos - date of the campaign 14.11.2013, collecting 563 kg;
  • Traian - date of the campaign 15.11.2013, collecting 636 kg;
  • Gioseni - date of the campaign 16.11.2013, collecting 330 kg.

The total amount collected in this campaign is 7.611 kg of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The organizers motivated the population with an ecological spirit, in this case, the people who hand over equipment, with a symbolic prize.

The press release issued at the beginning of this campaign is available here