Recycle today for your health tomorrow.

de | nov. 12, 2013 | campaign

Between 15 and 17 November 2013, the information, awareness and collection campaign for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), as well as portable batteries and old batteries (DBA), called "Recycle today, for health" took place in Iasi. yours tomorrow ”. Partners in the project, together with ECOTIC were the Agency for Environmental Protection Iasi, the City Hall Institution, SalubrIS Iasi, the Iasi County School Inspectorate, the Children's Palace and the Atrium Palas Mall Iasi. 

During the campaign were collected a little over 3 tons of WEEE, 3 kg of waste batteries and portable accumulators, actively involving 5 educational institutions in Iasi, 3 circles of the Children's Palace, being distributed over 9.000 informative flyers.

The organizers wanted this project to be another step on the road we are taking together in the direction of raising awareness of users of electrical and electronic equipment and not only, but also on the responsibilities that come when they become waste. At the same time, this campaign wanted to model a new, pro-active attitude towards environmental protection and resource efficiency. The organizers want the gesture of selective collection to become a habit.

In the ecological approach, the students of the Children's Palace from Iasi from the Plastic Processing Circle joined, who helped in disseminating the information regarding the importance of selective collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment, but also of portable batteries and accumulators.

Students understood the importance of separate collection in the waste recycling circuit, but also the high degree of danger that electrical and electronic waste and waste batteries and accumulators have if they are improperly stored or thrown away at random. They therefore decided to share this knowledge with the inhabitants of Iasi who will arrive at the Atrium Palas Mall Iasi during this period.  

An information point was located in the Atrium Palas Mall Iasi, distributing information materials through students. Also there, the population was able to bring small WEEE and used batteries for their separate collection and proper recycling. For each small WEEE brought to the information point, the organizers rewarded the gesture with a green gift - a plant.

Electrical and electronic equipment can be brought throughout the year to collection points specially designed for these types of waste, located on the Oancea Esplanade, at Podu de Piatra, at Pacurari Square and at Cug Square. These points are arranged by SalubrIS Iasi.

If the equipment is voluminous, the inhabitants have at their disposal the telephone numbers 0232-270.223 (call with normal tariff) or 0800-410.610 (tel Verde), and a team of SalubrIS Iasi will take over the used equipment free of charge.

The organizers also remind that the population has the obligation to protect the environment by handing over the used equipment to the stores where new, equivalent electrical equipment is purchased.

 The press release given at the end of the campaign is available here.