"Recycling - A way of life!" - campaign carried out in Timisoara

de | mart. 18, 2015 | campaign

Between March 19 and 29, 2015, ECOTIC together with Retim Ecologic Service, in collaboration with Timisoara City Hall and the Timisoara Environmental Protection Agency, carried out the “Recycling - A way of life!” Campaign. 

The people of Timisoara were invited to hand over the waste of electrical and electronic equipment in an environmentally friendly way. Each person who delivered a quantity of at least 5 kg of WEEE received an instant prize - an elegant umbrella *.  2,09 tons of WEEE were collected. 

Old or broken equipment and electronics contain elements and substances that can be harmful to the environment and human health, if not collected and recycled properly. Therefore, through a simple gesture, that of properly delivering WEEE, we protect our environment and our health.

The campaign took place between 19.03 - 22.03 at the temporary collection point in Calea Aradului no. 89 (intersection with Ans street), and between March 26.03 and March 29.03.2015, 27 in St. Apostles Peter and Paul Street no. XNUMX (intersection with Holdelor street). Those who wanted more information could ask for help from the authorized people present at the campaign tent available at each of the points mentioned above.

The persons interested in handing over waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) could also make this gesture at the municipal collection points RETIM ECOLOGIC SERVICE:

  • WEEE collection point - Calea Torontalului no. 94;
  • WEEE collection point - Str. Energy no. 3 (Calea Şagului area);
  • WEEE collection point - Calea Moşniţei no. 2;
  • WEEE collection point - Aleea Avram Imbroane no. 70.

Also, RETIM provided during this period the service of taking over the WEEE from home. The takeover orders were made by phone at tel. 0256 / 22.00.64.

Campaign rules are available here. 


* within the available stock